10 Reason to Float

A two Part Series

1) It makes you feel gooey and GOOD!

It today’s hectic world to have NO demands on you for 60 minutes is pure heaven! You float effortlessly for an hour (or longer if you like). The effortlessness comes from the environment we create with the temperature of the water and the buoyancy from the added Epsom salt. The more you float, the better you feel and can deal with the “real” world.

2) Pain relief au-natural.

For those that deal with chronic or even acute pain, relief can be hard to come by, especially with our drugs. Floating in water heated to skin temperature water, with 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved and then having all external stimuli such as light and sound removed, creates an amazingly healing environment in which your body can heal its self. Why? In this environment with all stimuli removed, your body can hear its pain receptors loud and clear. It then bombards these pain receptors with endorphins. Endorphins are your bodies natural pain killers. The result, significant pain reduction, NATURALLY!

Using floating for pain relief is great for those with restricted movements. It also relieves muscle tension, stimulates the circulatory system to move blood through your body, the relaxation achieved while floating steadies blood pressure as an added benefit. For those regularly dealing with pain or restricted movement capabilities, floating is a perfect tool for providing relaxation relief that can often be so elusive.

3) Floating is the Cypher Key to Deep Relaxation.

It is almost impossible to achieve the deep relaxation floating achieves by any other actions. The key to deep relaxation are Theta waves produced by our brains. Our brain can produces these waves while sleeping but in the floating environment they are exponential. Typically, Theta waves come at the halfway conscious state most commonly experienced after falling asleep but before waking. It is not easy to come across the type of deep relaxation that floating provides nor the quantity produced while floating. Theta waves are much slower but more powerfully rhythmic brain waves. Floating is the most efficient way to induce Theta waves, aka “a deep meditative state”. With regular floating your body will become even more accustomed to this relaxation response, making it easier and more effective with continued practice

4) It’s a great STRESS reliever.

In today’s constant contact, respond immediately world, it is easy for stress to build up and accumulate. Everyone knows stress is bad for you. It makes us less healthy, less productive, and more tense. However, we all seem to tolerate it as an inevitable part of life.

Floating has been shown to lower stress levels and increase endorphins in the body, the effects of which are very commonly reported. Frequent floating will stop stress from accumulating, and will keep you a healthier and more productive person. Plus it feels great to not have that constant weighty feeling on your shoulders.

5) It gives you PERSPECTIVE.

Floating gives you an opportunity to get away from it all, even for just a little while, as have some much needed “me time”. With no distractions, its just you, yourself and warm water and your thoughts. It’s a timeout from your hectic day to self reflect, slowdown and process all the things going on with you. This allows you to get some fresh perspective on you.

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