10 Reason to Float

A two Part Series

6) SLEEP, sweet SLEEP.

To stay healthy the average person needs 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Add on any demands of working out or stress, your body demands even more to be health. Most American’s do not get enough sleep, yet alone QUALITY sleep. Many of us are walking around in a sleep deprivation cycle and continue to steal and deprive ourselves of more and more sleep with each passing day.

Floating significantly still improvesthe restfulness and quality of sleep. Stress, tension, and pain are the leading factors that deprive our sleep quality. Floating helps reduce factors that deprive sleep quality, and the relaxation of the float itself is itself also restful. The relaxation response triggered by floating helps reduce these factors, and regular floating will keep these factors in check. This relaxation state is also when your brain is most prone to producing theta waves. These theta waves are not just relaxing but they also improve your restfulness, because this state is essentially the same as a deeply relaxing nap. Hence floating can catch you up on sleep, but more importantly it primes your body to slip into even more restful deep (quality) sleep later on


Floating can help spur your creative genius. With all stimuli, distractions, and stress removed you are freed to develop solutions.Plus the Theta waves produced as mentioned above creats an optimal relaxation state which is perfect for lateral thinking. Though it is a halfway conscious state much like a nap, going into a float with the goal of solving creative problems will prime yourself for coming up with creative solutions and a fresh take on things.


Floating for athletes better prepares them mentally and physically. The endorphins created relieve pain from training and reduces lactic acid buildup in the muscles which is what makes athletes feel “sore”. Floating keeps athletes from over training and reduces recovery times. Floating also removes lactic acid build-up, relieves tension in muscles, and improves blood circulation around the body to aid and speed up recovery. Floating also increases bodily awareness, which is crucial not only for improving athletic performance but also for detecting tensions that might have gone undetected otherwise thus helping prevent injury.

Floating prepares you for your competitions as an athlete. It reduces “pre-game” jitters and helps athletes reach peak performance. If you’re an athlete regular floating will give you that extra psychological edge heading into events and winding down after them.

9) AWARENESS Enhancements.

“Post-Float Bliss” is what you will experience after your float also known as the afterglow effect. The world feels brighter and sharper. Your vision is remarkably better, colors are brighter you can hear better. In coming down to the level of your breathing, blood pulsing, and bodily tension, your perception becomes sensitive to a micro scale of sensory data which in turn enhances the reception of sensory data on a macro scale, i.e. the outside world. This makes floating a natural way of enhancing your senses, and better appreciating the world.

10) CONSISTENCY yields better results!

Like all things in life, the more you do it the better it is. The same with the benefits of floating… The more you float, the better the results. There are a number of reasons to float but doing it regularly will give you the best of it! You will be more relaxed, less stressed, healthier, perform better, be more creative. Floating lets you create the best version our YOU!

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