4 Great Benefits of Anti-Gravity Floating

Thoughts of floating conjure peaceful feelings of buoyancy and light, gentle drifting. So, it should come as no surprise that the anti-gravity properties of the iSofloat floatation room are therapeutic.

Our float therapy is a sensory deprivation practice that allows you to reach levels of deep relaxation and physical recovery. By placing your body in a closed environment, your brain is released from processing external stimulations, allowing it to release dopamine and endorphins and enter a dream-like state. The high concentration of Epsom salts in our float room makes floatation completely effortless, similar to an anti-gravity situation. You truly can’t sink.

4 Benefits of Anti-gravity and Floating

The benefits of our float therapy are vast. Each person may experience something different and the benefits may even vary from session to session. You may experience progress to your overall well being by:

Slashing Stress

Floating in an environment with no sensory input relaxes your body and reduces levels of cortisol, your body’s main stress hormone. Giving your body a break from all the stimuli can also allow you to become more resistant to future stressors.
When you are floating, your body may be filled with endorphins, which can lead to a calm state of mind and decreased anxiety.

Improving Physical Health with Anti-gravity Float Therapy

Pain reduction, improved healing, and increased immune system functioning are all benefits of float therapy. Being in an anti-gravity environment can decrease the tension in your muscles and reduce the sensation of physical strain.
The Epsom salts in the water will not only help to keep you buoyant but will help you to absorb magnesium through your skin. Magnesium has been known to offer benefits related to bone health, calcium absorption, diabetes, heart health, and more.

Magnifying Mental Performance

Float therapy can simulate meditation, which can put you into a state of mental stillness, while you remain very alert and awake. This combination can allow you to practice the powerful technique of visualization, a mental rehearsal of an upcoming event, which can be just as effective as a physical rehearsal.
When your brain has fewer distractions, it is also able to better understand new information and improve the recollection of the material. The anti-gravity properties of our float therapy relieve you of the distraction of physical discomfort as well.

Floating Your Way to Better Sleep

The therapeutic effects of a floatation session can make you feel like you had a full night’s sleep. If insomnia is an issue for you, you may experience improved sleep due to the stress and pain reduction effects of float therapy. Many people have found that by improving their mental outlook and physical state, they are able to achieve better sleep each night.
Our busy lives can cause disruptions to our overall well being. A relaxing floating session can help reduce the stress and physical pain, increase your mental acuity, and give you a better night’s sleep—all things that will better equip you to deal with the stress in your daily life. Consult our team at iSofloat to learn more about the benefits of floating and how it can help you achieve wellness and healing.

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