5 Reasons to Try an Overnight Float

Stress reduction, energy rejuvenation, and relief of intense body pain are just some of the reasons people are truly beginning to jump on board the floatation therapy train.  Across the world, a practice that actually started in the 1950’s, is getting attention from everyone from millennials looking for new ways of meditation to veterans suffering from PTSD to every day clients in need of pain relief.

Clients are especially taking advantage of the overnight floats offered by iSofloat for longer acclimation times and extended relief.  But for those looking to slip into a deep, trance-like state of bliss, some questions may arise when thinking of sleeping- without sinking!  For those considering overnight floating at iSofloat to catch a few revitalizing Z’s, read on for our 5 reasons to try an overnight float.


The Best Night Your Life

Nonstop noise, constant electronic stimulation, and every day stress, can do a lot to wear a person down.  Between jobs, families and obligations, it can be incredibly hard to focus on self-care, to combat the things that consume you daily.  So how do you unwind after a long day?

Insert overnight floats, and prepare to feel… well, almost nothing.  The borderline out-of-body and weightless experience, caused by a combination of the high volume of Epsom salt, body-matching water temperature and stimulus free float room, truly creates an environment perfect for rejuvenating after a draining day.

With the luxury to arrive any time after 10:30 PM and leave anytime before 8:30 AM (with an employee there the entire time), iSofloat fans are lining up to get back to a better version of themselves- all thanks to a great night’s float.

Every Hour of Sleep in the Float Room Equals About 4 Hours of Sleep in Your Bed

While the understanding is that an hour of sleeping while floating is equivalent to about 4 hours of sleep in your bed, floating is never meant to be a replacement for actual deep sleep.

However, this relaxing and rejuvenating water siesta does benefit your normal sleeping patterns.  The science behind floating tells us that people who suffer from insomnia tend to have deeper sleep for many days following a float session.

Say “See Ya” to That Chronic Pain

From fibrin to chronic back pain, arthritis and more, float rooms are helping to ease the unbearable pain, for longer periods of time.  According to the Pain Doctor, the Fibromyalgia Flotation Project (FFP) believes whole-heartedly that every hour spent in a floating room can help to: reduce stress, eliminate fatigue, increase focus and increase dopamine, the “feel good” hormone produced by the brain, and so much more.


Your Body Gets an Adequate Amount of Magnesium

The Epsom salts help to prevent your skin from wrinkling while soaking and leave your skin soft to the touch; but that’s not all you get from a solid soak in the salty float room.  The direct absorption of magnesium through your skin during a float, delivers necessary sulfates needed for brain tissue and joint proteins.

Unlike eating foods rich in magnesium, which can sometimes lose their potency due to certain drugs and medical conditions, the magnesium in Epsom salts are able to benefit your body in full doses!  According to the Universal Health Institute, magnesium also helps to “stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and help to detoxify the body’s residue of medicines and environmental contaminants”.  Magnesium is also essential to our sleep cycles.  Floating gives a super shot of magnesium that helps send you into a blissful night’s sleep for several nights in a row.

Longer Float= More Relief

For those suffering from high anxiety or stress, resulting in insomnia and other sleep related disorders, float therapy is an ideal solution to help break those patterns.

Due to the incredibly relaxed environment and state of being that floating allows, people have noticed decreases in blood pressure and heart rate and a boost in endorphins upon leaving.  With benefits like these, their every day stress levels decrease as well, allowing for the opportunity of a more relaxed state at night.

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