5 Ways “Anti-Gravity” Floating Helps Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Close your eyes and imagine yourself high above the clouds, weightlessly floating with nothing but the thoughts in your head and a calm over your body.  Though such a pleasurable and carefree experience may seem out of reach, others would argue that it is the exact feeling experienced by a visit to a float room.

Yes, in fact, many float rooms are popping up all of the country, providing people of all ages, the transcendental opportunity to experience the benefits of anti-gravity floating.  But while some of the advantages may be obvious, clients at iSofloat, are beginning to realize there are unexpected benefits, both physically and mentally.

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

After years of enduring the pull of gravity, our bodies are entitled to a few aches and pains.  Though expected to have creaks in our knees or kinks in our backs, the pain is still bothersome and at times interruptive to our daily lives.  And for those with poor posture or chronic pain, from illness or injuries, a normal everyday routine can be long and agonizing.

Thankfully, the weightlessness (produced by the high volume of Epsom salt in the water) helps your body to truly feel pain-free, eliminating muscle and joint tension, as you lie suspended on top of water.

From headaches to chronic pain- and even blood pressure- studies and customer testimonials have confirmed the amazing results that floating therapy has on the human body.

Salt Nourishment For Your Skin

As mentioned earlier, the use of high volumes of Epsom salt is to thank for the anti-gravity effect in a float room.  Because of these higher than normal ratios, the salt also combats wrinkling, and instead leaves you with a smoother touch to the skin then when you arrived.

As if a “freebie” skin treatment weren’t enough, the magnesium found in the salt is absorbed more effectively, than through foods we eat.  This higher concentration of magnesium helps to aid in digestion and detoxification within the body.

Mental Health Reset

Perhaps your body is intact, joint pain is minimal and overall you feel physically sound.  But, the stress of your job, a looming decision or personal issues are creating hard to concentrate workdays… and difficult-to-sleep nights.  If this sounds like you, then still, floating therapy has the remedy for you.

The float sessions allow for a deep relaxation, similar to meditation, and a higher state of consciousness..  Clients who have battled depression report feeling better, more energized and overall happier upon waking from their dream-like states while floating. The feeling of sensory loss, combined with disconnecting from tech gadgets and constant noise, makes way for a total mind unplug and mental health reset


Overcome Sleeplessness

One of the most sought after benefits of floating therapy is the ability to sleep sounder at night.  Whether you are floating for 1 hour,  or enjoying an amazing overnight float, the results are astonishing. (I would link to the overnight float blog here.) It has been estimated that one hour of “sleeping” in a float room equates to roughly 4 hours of sleep in a bed.

By unwinding in a float room, you will leave more energized than when you started your session.  But the results don’t stop that day; instead studies show that floating sessions actually increase your ability to have many nights of consecutively sound sleep.

Fertility and Pregnancy

According to some studies, patients have actually been able to overcome their obstacles with infertility with the help of float therapy.  While there may be many reasons for infertility, one of the main causes is stress and hormonal imbalance.

With multiple sessions, preferably every few days through the fertile period of a woman’s cycle, the drastic levels of relaxation and stress reduction, have the potential to conceive.

Furthermore, after conception, the float room is the perfect way to take the literal weight off of an expecting mother.  The amazing physical and mental benefits of floating therapy can help make the entire pregnancy, and eventual delivery, a more peaceful and exciting time.

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