Athletes: Looking to reduce recovery time and increase performance?

The answer is “yes”, of course. As athletes we are competitive and want to win otherwise we would be athletes. Floating is becoming more and more popular with athletes. Why? Floating simply helps you train to be faster, better, stronger. It also reduces injuries being that it is such an efficient recovery tool.

Floating has been found to reduce musculoskeletal pain/soreness, boost immune function, decrease heart rate/blood pressure, increase circulation, reduce certain endocrine system markers and contribute to general overall autonomic nervous system regulation.

Float rooms create a unique zero gravity environment that allows your body to reach homeostasis. This allows your body to use its resources more efficiently affording our body systems to recovery, heal and integrate better and faster.

Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati have been working collaboratively with the Air Force Strong Team to produce float research. In the past year hundreds of student-athletes have floated from science. The effort is collecting comprehensive data on how and when to use floating to help athlete’s reach peak performance. The fact that the government is investing taxpayer dollars into athletic research regarding floating, validates the power of floating and athletic performance and recovery.

Floating is an Epsom salt bath on steroids! Epsom salt has long been used by athletes for boon muscle recovery and soreness.

Whether you are a marathon runner looking for a great recovery tool after you long Sunday run, a CrossFit athlete looking for an edge in the Crossfit Games, a high school football player, or just an active everyday person looking to stay healthy we can all add a float to our training toolbox.

While the most famous athlete that promotes floating is probably Steph Curry, iSofloat has had a number of Spurs players come into our facility to experience reduced recovery time and increased performance so they can bring home another championship ring. GO SPURS GO!!

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