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At iSofloat, we take pride in offering only top of the line, safe and effective treatments and therapies to ensure that every time you step through our doors, you are excited about the results that you KNOW are waiting for you. That’s why, iSofloat is thrilled to be revealing our newest treatment – full body wraps – to help eliminate toxins.

This treatment, which has been around for centuries, has long touted the benefits of eliminating toxins, water and inches from the body – specifically within the lymphatic system. While this is certainly not a long-term weight loss program, it is perfect to help detoxify and restart your weight loss or fitness journey.

What Are Toxins?

Toxins that enter our bodies come from almost every aspect of our lives. From what we eat, drink and apply to our bodies to the chemicals in the air that we breathe and absorb through our pores; in short, they are everywhere.

Luckily, our bodies do amazing things on a daily basis and help us to combat the excessive amounts of toxins in our bodies by flushing them through our liver and kidneys. And while that certainly helps us to maintain a healthier balance, the high amounts that every individual consumes or is surrounded by, is simply not enough to eliminate it all.

That’s where treatments such as cleanses and wraps come into play – both are for helping to eliminate damaging toxins from our bodies.

What Is the Lymphatic System?

The Lymphatic System is a critical part of the circulatory system, in which it functions parallel to drain fluid, call lymph, from tissue, helping to detoxify and filter bacteria from our bodies.

Essentially, the lymphatic system works as a waste removal function of the body, removing the toxins from our bodies that not only make us sick, but weaken our immune systems, making us more susceptible for future illnesses as well.

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How Does It Work?

Body wraps don’t work by magic, but actually by way of science. During a body wrap treatment, the specialist will apply a particular combination of ingredients, usually something such as sea clay, mud, mineral creams or aloe vera.

Once the underlying ingredients are applied, the body is tightly “wrapped” using anything from tight clothes to plastic wrap and sheets or towels. The point is to create a secure compression to help push the toxins from the fat cells beneath the skin, and their surrounding interstitial fluid – also known as tissue fluid.

Because these toxins add up over time within – and between – the cells of our body, it is important to help flush them out, while increasing the nutrients in your body. By first extracting through the cream application and then compressing the tissue together tightly, your body begins the process of removing the excess fluid and toxins.

Thinking about giving your lymphatic system a reset?

We offer a Lymphatic Detox Body Wrap for $99

The Ultimate Detox- 60 min Float + Lymphatic Detox Body Wrap  $150

Package of two Lymphatic Detox Body Wraps for $178 (10% discount)

Package of three Lymphatic Detox Body Wraps for $253 (25% discount)

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