Can Float Therapy Reduce PTSD Symptoms?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) affects millions of American every year. People who have PTSD deal with psychological symptoms such as flashback episodes, severe anxiety, and nightmares. These problems are often severe, leaving people with the condition desperate for relief. While conventional treatments for PTSD are limited, new studies are showing that float therapy might help PTSD sufferers manage their symptoms. Read on to learn about these exciting developments.

Numerous Mental Health Benefits

One of the main symptoms of PTSD is anxiety caused by traumatic events. Float therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety symptoms by soothing tension in the body and helping individuals reach a meditative state. Floating can also ease depression, increase concentration, and boost creativity. Because float therapy helps patients with a variety of mental health issues, it can be helpful for a person with PTSD who is experiencing a wide range of symptoms.

What the Research Says

Scientists are just beginning to study the benefits of floating. A 2017 study found that subjects reported a reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms after float therapy. While research is still needed specifically on PTSD and floating, case studies have documented the benefits that PTSD sufferers have felt after float therapy. More information will emerge as scientists conduct more research. In the meantime, try this therapy for yourself and discover a new form of treatment.

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