Can Floating Be Helpful For Concussions?

Concussions are a painful and emotionally taxing injury. Many concussions come from a single injury. However, they can have long-lasting consequences. Float therapy is a great solution for concussion patients. This treatment supports vulnerable parts of the body. It also soothes the mind, creating relief you will feel inside and out. Below, we will explore how float therapy works to ease concussion symptoms.

What Are Concussions?

A concussion is a type of brain injury that is caused by head trauma. Concussions can be caused by falls, shakes, and blows to the head. Most concussion symptoms are temporary and many patients do not need major medical treatment. However, the effects of a concussion can linger and be very uncomfortable.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms

There are a wide variety of physical and mental concussion symptoms. Some people will experience symptoms right after their injury. Others won’t develop symptoms for several days. Key physical symptoms include headache, ringing in the ears, and nausea/vomiting. Mental and emotional symptoms include problems with memory, problems with focus and sleep disturbances. Mood changes and emotional disturbances are also common. Get a more complete list of symptoms here.

How Float Therapy Can Help

Float therapy can help to reduce the severity of your concussion symptoms. The relaxing, weightless atmosphere can promote relaxation and serenity. This can improve sleep, focus, memory. Floating also helps with emotional issues. The gentle weightlessness of floating can also help to improve headaches and other body aches that may have happened during your injury. It’s an easy, enjoyable holistic remedy that will heal your body while also supporting cognitive function.

Don’t Wait for Relief

Concussions can cause both physical and mental pain. It’s important to treat your concussion and also ease your overall stress symptoms. If you are suffering from a concussion, then iSofloat can help. We offer to relax and healing float therapy in San Antonio. Click the link above to schedule your first session today.

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