Drinking In the Benefits of Alkaline Water

Like most things in life, striking a healthy balance in your diet is a back and forth type of mission. On some days, you eat heart-healthy, nutritious foods from sun up to sun down and others? Well, let’s just call those “cheat days.” But while you’re paying mind to the food you put in your body, it’s important to remember that liquids- H2O in particular- are just as essential. In fact, it’s not just about HOW MUCH water you’re drinking these days, but also, WHAT KIND. With the emergence of body-benefitting alkaline H2O- and all the hype that goes with it- we want you to know how this latest nutritional trend stacks up- and why we think it has staying power for the long run.

What is Alkaline H2O?

While we’re not about to go full-blown science nerd on you, we do want you to understand the basic premise of alkaline water; in short, it is less acidic than normal water. All liquids- water included- have a measure of acidity, which determines the concentration of hydrogen ions in the liquid, also known as pH. This scale measures from 0-14, with 7 being the neutral state; black coffee, citrus juices, etc. at 7 and below; while alkaline water makes it mark at above 7 along the pH scale.


Soothes Acid Reflux

Studies have shown that drinking alkaline water significantly reduces the symptoms of acid reflux, leaving you without that burning, sickening taste of stomach acid in your esophagus. For people who battle constantly with this uncomfortable issue, doctors recommend reaching for a glass of h2o with a pH level of 8 or higher.


Boosts Energy & Metabolism

By neutralizing the acid in your bloodstream- and in turn increasing oxygen levels- alkaline water also promotes an increase in energy and metabolism. Additionally, researchers say that when the body is overly acidic- mostly because of junk foods and our poor eating habits- extra fat cells are created and stored to combat this. Therefore, by drinking water with a high level of pH- and low level of acid- our bodies do not have to store unnecessary fat cells. With the increase of energy, fewer fat cells combating acid and a healthier metabolism, alkaline water fanatics have more than a few reasons to drink up.

Anti-Oxidant Properties

Bring on the anti-aging goodness! Some studies even suggest that drinking alkaline water with additional Vitamin C form calcium ascorbate, which is three times as beneficial as Vitamin C alone.

The anti-oxidant properties don’t stop with healthy, glowing skin however; instead, one of the most significant benefits to drinking water with a high pH is the potential to ward off serious diseases. Those that adamantly support alkaline h2o point directly to the understanding that a high level of acid inside the body allows for an increased opportunity of free-radical cells, cancer and illnesses. With less oxygen in the water being consumed- and in turn, in the body- it becomes an environment that does not allow diseases to survive.


It’s clear that there are many incredible benefits for the human body by consuming alkaline water. At iSofloat, we strive to continuously offer products that will continue working hard to heal, comfort and strengthen your body. Bee Alive Alkaline Water, locally sourced in San Antonio, is our newest addition to our water-based business. From Epsom salt floats to alkaline-rich drinking water, we have you covered from the inside out.

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