Epsom Salt & Your Body

Did you know that Epsom salt, the go-to remedy known to cure much that ails, is in fact, NOT really salt in the terms of traditional table salt like most of us think? It’s true- this naturally occurring mineral is actually a compound of magnesium and sulfate, as opposed to table salt, which is made up of sodium chloride.

Still, these tiny, crystalized granules of wonder have benefits for your body that will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and smooth to the touch! Read on as we breakdown the natural powers of Epsom salt- the very thing that gives our Float Rooms their buoyancy and skin-soothing treatment.

Soak It Away

Salt soaks have long been a quick fix for relaxation, stress and physical pain. From athletes taking to the tub after a long game to the upswing in popularity of Floatation Therapy, physicians, experts and clients are true believers in the positive benefits that a salt bath can have on the human body. But, how exactly does it help?

Reduces Stress

The long days at the office, emails zooming to your inbox and every day life decisions waiting for your approval, are more than sure to replace your relaxation and energy with stress and anxiety.

Thankfully, a warm float with thousands of pounds of Epsom salts, facilitating the absorption of minerals into your skin, not only replenishing your lost magnesium due to stress but also producing increased serotonin- also known as the “Happy Hormone” in your brain.

Muscles, Nerves, and Pain

How many times have you heard someone say they wanted to soak their feet in an “Epsom Bath?” While smooth skin is certainly a happy consequence of a long soak, the real benefit here is the pain relief for your tired, over-worked feet. Epsom salt has long been touted to cure sore muscles, reduce inflammation and even to help improve blood circulation throughout the body.

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Remove Toxins

It’s not always about the calm you get from an enjoyable Epsom bath- but maybe what you get rid of that truly makes your body feel renewed. The sulfates in Epsom salt, when absorbed through your porous skin, trigger a process called Reverse Osmosis, helping to flush your body of toxins and heavy metals- ultimately leaving yours with less pain and discomfort.

Enhance Your Skin

Epsom salts work wonders for our skin and hair that need a little extra TLC. Epsom salts can help give you a natural glow, without the excessive cost or difficult to maintain treatment plans.

Use to exfoliate and cleanse; no matter what beauty routine you choose, you’re certain to have soft silky skin – from head to toe.

A float session helps you meet all the possibilities above.  Integrating Epsom salts into your daily or weekly routine will leave you looking better, feeling better and ready for your next big game, high-budget business proposal or simply to help you put your everyday stress in the rearview mirror.

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