Discover the Benefits of Floating During Pregnancy

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a float tank, it is a full-body relaxation experience. iSofloat has float rooms, filled with 10” of water. Epsom salt, which has the mineral magnesium, is added to the water for a weightless feeling. There is no light or sound, so your brain has a chance to stop processing outside stimuli and instead redirect inward.

Floating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy adds weight to your body and puts a strain on your system. Your spine and muscles are doing extra work. Your hips may be sore from the widening of the pelvis. These extra pressures are alleviated while floating, and the effects have been reported to last hours or days afterward. Additionally, the mental benefits of being calmer and more relaxed translate into benefits your baby can enjoy.

Magnesium is a mineral that our body needs. It aids in calcium absorption, has been associated with a lower risk of high blood pressure and a decreased level of anxiety. It’s recommended that you increase your magnesium intake during pregnancy. Using the iSofloat float rooms does that.

Doctors Blessings

Before scheduling your floating session, make sure you have clearance from your doctor. You want to make sure you are adhering to your medical recommendations while trying out a new way to get total body relaxation. Once you are given the green light, get ready to regain energy, be free of aches and pains and experience the calming energy that is associated with floating.

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