Float Room Sanitation: What You Need to Know

Our float room sanitization plan is one of our most important tools against COVID-19. We explained how we are keeping our water safe and clean in last month’s blog post. Today, we will tell you about the cleaning methods we are using for the float rooms. These plans work together to keep all of our customers as safe as possible while floating. Read on to learn more.

The Importance of Cleaning Hard Surfaces

While COVID-19 is most likely to spread via person-to-person contact, the virus can also live on hard surfaces. In our float rooms, these surfaces include the hard surfaces of our tanks as well as doorknobs and light switches. We thoroughly clean all of these hard surfaces after each float appointment to clear possible traces of the virus.

Cleaning the Right Way

Float room sanitization is about more than just wiping down surfaces. We clean using EPA and CDC-approved disinfectants that are proven to kill the virus. We also follow the CDC’s cleaning guidelines and clean each surface for the correct amount of time. , You will always know the job is getting done because our staff is all trained in the correct way to clean these surfaces.

While You Are in The Tank…

As we explained last time, our water is filtered after each use for a germ-free experience inside our tanks. But there are additional things you should know about the safety of our water. Firstly, the medical-grade Epsom salt we use in our tanks acts as an additional, natural disinfectant. Secondly, experts do not believe the coronavirus spreads through water.

Protecting Your Long-Term Safety

Texans have been working hard to slow the spread of the coronavirus. However, our battle against this disease is not over. We understand how important it is to keep up our strict cleaning standards after we reopen. After each guest, a float room sanitization will be performed. This means you will never need to worry about whether the room has been properly cleaned for you. All that’s left is for you to do is relax and enjoy the serenity.

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