Float Therapy and Massage: A Powerful Combination

Float therapy and massage therapy are both holistic tools that have been proven to reduce pain and promote muscle relaxation. While these therapies are effective on their own, they can be combined for even greater health benefits. In this article, we will explain how massage can be added to your float therapy regimen for maximum results.

Natural Pain Relief

Float therapy and massage work well together because both practices relax the muscles in different ways. While massage therapy targets specific muscles and soft tissue groups using pressure, float therapy allows all of the muscles in the body to rest by relieving pressure. This combination will address and treat the root cause of your pain while also promoting overall comfort and wellness. The Epsom salts used during float therapy also give the body a boost of muscle-healing magnesium. This magnesium helps your muscles stay relaxed during massage therapy, increasing the therapy’s effectiveness.

A Greater Sense of Peace

Another reason that floating and massage therapy are often used together is because both practices promote serenity and relaxation. We all live with stress, and dealing with chronic pain can make our daily lives seem even more hectic. These two therapies allow you to take a break from your usual stressors and focus on yourself. The reason that these therapies are so effective is because they target both physical and mental pain, allowing for truly holistic healing.

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