Float Therapy & Sports Recovery

Years ago, when athletes finished a rigorous event or activity, you would head straight to a hot tub or ice bath, to heal your aches and pains.  However, today’s athletes are turning to a revolutionary therapy that is changing the way you can repair, from the inside out.

Amazing research is proving time and time again, that the continuous use of float rooms does more than just heal an aching back or sore muscle.  Instead, the endless benefits are not only in healing faster but creating a better, stronger overall athlete, as well.  With his 5th Superbowl win, we have a feeling that long time floater, Tom Brady, will be reaping the benefits of floatation therapy during his well deserved off season.  Brady, the well known star quarterback for the New England Patriots- a team that installed float rooms in their facilities in 2014– is leading the way for other athletes to test the proverbial waters. Certainly, if it’s good enough for the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) to float, then we think you will want to learn more, too.

Healing Injuries With Floating

It is likely that one of the most crucial aspects of floatation therapy for athletes is not only being healed- but faster- such as with Manchester United soccer player, Wayne Rooney.   The mid-fielder spent up to 10 hours a week floating to heal his injuries and get back to training ahead of schedule.

These amazing recovery times you will experience, are due to the high levels of Epsom salt in the water, allowing you to effortlessly float, relieving the stress and pressures brought on by gravity.  While your body is suspended in the water, the heightened state of relaxation lowers your blood pressure and increases the distribution of red blood cells.  With this phenomenon your body will flush out cortisol and lactate, that has been building up throughout your training.

In addition, the Epsom salts are also known muscle relaxant and protein builders for your joints, due to the high levels of magnesium and sulphates.  With a shorter recovery time, it allows you to get back to your craft and continue improving your performances, with less down time.

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Reduces Future Risk

While healing at a faster rate is undoubtedly beneficial, we know that you would prefer to waste no down time with injuries, at all.  Thankfully, with the use of floatation therapy, the risks of future injuries are greatly reduced, by allowing the weightlessness to loosen the muscles of the athlete. This gives you more control of your movements and actions, to aid in preventing potential damage to an old injury or new.  This is especially significant for CrossFit athletes, such as Amanda Allen, who is an active floater.  Her “constantly varied, high-intensity” training, as stated by the CrossFit guide, leaves no room for injuries- past, present or future.


Fighting Fatigue and Building A Strong Mental Game

Joe Madden knew exactly what he was doing when he had floatation rooms installed in the Chicago Cubs’ brand new, state-of-the-art facilities at Wrigley Field last year.  Madden stated that he did now want “his players mentally or physically drained before first pitch” and as you know, the rest is history- the Cubs would go on to win the World Series that very year.

As you and Madden both know, a serious result of endless training and sporting events is the effect it has on your overall mentality.  Beyond the pains and physical fatigue, many athletes find themselves getting run down by mental fatigue, as well.  To combat this, we encourage you to turn to floating as a way to turn off, wind-down and eliminate the stresses surrounding you on a daily basis.

Not only does this time act as a power nap, allowing you to wake up reenergized and alert, but also the soundless, dark and calming experience of floating is known to trigger periods of deep concentration and meditation.  This intense, out of body experience, allows time for you to truly focus on mastering your performances more effectively.


The benefits of floatation therapy are obvious; from college athletes to individuals using weights to build mass to the highest paid professional competitors, floating allows you to heal faster and accelerate the overall rejuvenation of your mind and body.  There is a reason why a once “trend” is considered such a necessary and integral aspect to a complete training program. If you aren’t seeing the results you are looking for- or simply aren’t healing, body and mind, from recent injuries or events- we highly recommend trying floatation therapy at iSofloat to kick-start your body back into action.



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