Floating: The Secret Weapon of Athletes

From CEOs to athletes to the every day, hardworking men and women across our country, people are turning to new methods for releasing their stress, anxieties and pain- both physically and mentally. And while there are many different ways to replace or address the chaos in your life, some are finding that nothing works as well as floatation therapy. It’s true- floating is rapidly becoming a go-to method for calming the mental and physical tensions in our bodies. And for athletes in particular, nothing seems as beneficial for getting their bodies and minds in peak condition for the big season- or last game to win it all- than a much needed float session.

Mental Clarity

Think for a moment about how you handle stress under pressure. Do you rise above and find yourself victorious- or do you tend to struggle and fail? The same every day dilemmas occur for athletes, however instead, when they find themselves under enormous amounts of pressure- and often, in front of overwhelming crowds, their missteps are being displayed for the world to see. Fortunately, with floating, athletes are able to turn off the white noise surrounding the big day and reap the vast amounts of mental clarity rewards.


  • Anxiety: Professional sports are no doubt a nail biter for both the athletes and spectators alike. But for the men and women charged with performing at the top of their game, day in and day out, a quick, pre-game float can help to ease the stress and anxiety for maximum results.
  • Meditate to Concentrate: Many athletic directors, coaches and captains lead their teams through moments of meditation before games to help align their senses and promote clarity. Through the meditative properties of floatation therapy, athletes are realizing these same benefits, for better concentration and focus throughout the entire game.
  • Be Positive: Often, athletes visualize what they did WRONG that made the difference in the game that has already come and gone. What if instead, players visualized everything they are setting out to accomplish- and seeing major results from it? That’s exactly the concept behind some of the biggest sports teams and athletes throughout the world that are using their calming moments of floating to visualize the positive outcomes yet to come.
  • Visualization: While being suspended in the Epsom salt heaven, athletes are able to visualize the perfect act they need for victory. Whether is be the perfect swing for a baseball player, the ace serve for the tennis player, the kill for a volleyball player, the zipline pass from the football player, athletes that visualize their moves while in the float room actually create muscle memory for moves and performance.


Physical Benefits

Of course, having a strong mental game is only useful when your physical body can keep up with the harsh demands of being an athlete. When injuries happen or fatigue sets in, it is often float centers across the country that help even the most successful athletes to get back on track.

  • Healing: Want a new way to recover from injuries faster than ever- and with less strain on your body? Of course, we’re talking about the amazing benefits of floatation therapy, to help athletes get back on the field faster than before. Aside from the lack of tension, created by the zero gravity environment, the Epsom salt- rich water is said to help penetrate your muscles in ways other methods can’t- relaxing and healing them quicker in every float. Injuries heal four times faster when healing is used as a tool.
  • Pain relief: How can you expect athletes to perform at the top levels while constantly aching from every injury, new or old? The suspended and weightless sensation that occurs during a float session gives athletes almost instantaneous relief from everyday pains. In turn, their muscles and bones are left feeling refreshed and ready to win any competition in their sights.
  • Deeper Sleep: Plain and simple, floating leads to a better night’s sleep- allowing athletes adequate amounts of shut eye to prepare themselves for the next day of training or competition ahead. Quality sleep is an essential element to recovery for all athletes.


Floatation therapy has been around a lot longer than the current trends make it seem. While people are finally beginning to realize the amazing benefits of floatation therapy to help ease everyday stresses, athletes have been using float rooms for decades. From in-house float pods, as New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady is said to have, to state-of-the-art facilities, such as the one recently installed at the Chicago Cubs ballpark, you can guarantee that athletes are thanking floatation therapy for their increased focus, relaxation and significant decreases in pain. Need more proof? Here’s a list of famous floaters that are constantly pressured to be on top of their game and career.

Tom Brady, Steph Curry, Joe Rogan, JJ WattElle MacphersonMatt Forte, Russell Wilson, Aly Raisman, Peter Gabriel, Anthony Bourdain, and Chase Utley.

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