Floating Towards Employee Health and Happiness

For every business, one of the most crucial aspects of operations is hiring a successful, hard working and motivated team, to keep your business moving and aligned in the direction you envision. While, that is a complicated process, often times the benefits of having the right people in place, far outweigh the stress of implementing your personnel. However, with workplace stress at an almost record high throughout the United States, the overall employee standards of health and happiness are diminishing- grossly affecting the productivity of the workplace.
So how should you, as an employer, ensure the overall wellbeing of your employees?

Implementing programs- such as those offered by companies like Google and Facebook, who are revolutionizing the way companies view employee happiness- would be a step in the right direction. Stress management programs, employee benefits and value-added workplace perks are all concepts that companies have used to facilitate a more successful workplace. And at iSofloat, we encourage a particular option that would go a long way towards ensuring a healthy body and mind, for your entire staff.
Let us introduce you to the benefits of floatation therapy.

Work-Related Stress

Before Laszlo Boch left his position from Google as the SVP of People Operations in 2016, he was transforming not only the way people were being treated and rewarded, but also how that had a direct correlation to the success- or downfall- of the company.
While stress is certainly not a new issue in the workplace, he understood the importance of combating the work-induced tensions to reduce issues with employee retention, low productivity and absenteeism. There are even some reports that estimate that the cost of workplace stress adds up to be around $300 billion a year overall for the American economy.

How to Reduce Workplace Stress

Like Boch at Google, many company leaders are now working towards reducing stress, by establishing better employee benefits and incentives, to enhance the overall productivity of employees- ultimately leading to larger revenues.

Experts and human resource professionals suggest reducing workplace stress through policies that encourage breaks, employee outings, offering flexible workdays and provide a free meal or company specific perk- all of which improve company morale and make the workplace a more inviting environment.

So in theory, if you could offer more than one at once, it would be beneficial for both you- the boss- and your employees. The combined benefits of a company perk or outing, with breaks to refocus and recharge, are one of the major benefits of corporate floatation therapy.

With a company encouraged and sponsored “wellness day” at iSofloat, your employees will literally feel the appreciation for their hard work, as they weightlessly float in the floatation rooms- reenergizing their minds and potentially healing their physical stresses, as well.

Reducing Employee Stress With Floatation Therapy

Unlike other stress reducing techniques, floating takes no other action from the client, aside from showing up prepared to feel restored. The anti-gravity sensation combined with the sensory deprivation of noise and light, encourages an almost out of body experience or meditative-like state.

Physically, the buoyancy that results from the high density of Epsom salts in the water, removes any pains or stresses brought on from the every day pull of gravity. While floating, your body relaxes, allowing your muscles to loosen and aches to diminish.

For employees accustomed to over stimulation from emails, computer screens and smartphones every day, floating can relax the brain, reducing stress-induced issues such as the transmission of cortisol, tension in the neck and head and high blood pressure.

Finally, floating promotes better sleep and improves clarity, ultimately improving your employees’ energy and focus during their daily work tasks.
Your business will flourish when you start taking advantage of the many benefits of floatation therapy, to increase the overall wellbeing and happiness inside of your workplace. While the benefits directly improve the mindset of your hardworking team members, the indirect results of higher productivity and larger revenues are incredibly valuable for the company, as a whole. Contact iSofloat today to find out about our corporate packages, pricing and additional benefits we offer to take your team from stress to success.

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