Health Benefits of Massage

We all know that getting a massage can be a nice way to relax. But did you know this common spa treatment also has serious health benefits? Massage therapists have been helping patients live pain-free lives for thousands of years. Keep reading to learn how this holistic treatment can improve your health.

What is Massage?

The word massage refers to the rubbing or manipulation of the soft tissue of a person’s body, such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Massage therapists are trained professionals who use massage techniques to alleviate pain for their clients. There are many different types of massage. Some types, such as deep tissue or sports massages, address specific parts of the body. Other types of massage use things like aromatherapy, reflexology, or floatation to further the patient’s benefits.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Because massage therapy is holistic and effective, many doctors and naturopaths recommend this treatment to their patients. Massages relieve pain by diffusing pressure in the body and promoting muscle relaxation. This treatment also helps to improve circulation, flexibility, and sleep quality. Many people with chronic pain use massage therapy to find relief and manage their symptoms.

One of Many Holistic Treatments

Massage therapy is most effective when it is paired with other treatments. Many of our float therapy patients use floatation alongside massage therapy for added benefits. For more information about floating and pain relief or to schedule a float therapy session, contact us as 210-437-3314.

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