How Floating Can Relieve Stress for Breast Cancer Patients

If you are battling breast cancer, you know the stress that comes from a tough diagnosis and constant medical procedures. Whether you are dealing with a mastectomy, chemotherapy, or radiation, breast cancer treatments can be stressful and painful. Float therapy is a great compliment to tradition treatments for breast cancer because it promotes both physical wellness and mental relaxation. Read on to learn how.

Relaxation For Difficult Times

While breast cancer takes an enormous toll on a woman’s physical health, the disease can also be devastating for one’s mental health. Cancer patients commonly deal with anxiety and depression during treatment, making an already hard journey almost unbearable. Float therapy provides a relaxing and meditative place to mentally recover during the cancer journey. This can be invaluable to many patients.

Adding Float Therapy to Your Treatment Plan

Float therapy is a great holistic supplement to add to your cancer treatment. Because this treatment is completely natural, it will not interfere with any medications you are taking or cause you any additional side effects. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about adding float therapy, especially if you have recently had surgery and have wounds that are still healing. Your doctors can help you determine the best time to start float therapy by evaluating both your physical and mental symptoms.

Float Therapy in San Antonio, TX

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