If Stephen Curry is doing it, maybe I should too?

Stephen Curry is one of the hottest commodities in the basketball realm right now.  Just two days ago, for the first time in NBA history he was unanimously voted the 2016 MVP.  This is the second year in a row Curry has won the NBA’s MVP award.  I have to say impressive.  Now, San Antonio’s very own Kawhi Leonard did come in second this year.  GO SPURS GO!!  Now for all the dedicated Spurs fans out there as you know, Curry and Golden State are fierce competitors.  If we pull off a win tonight in Oklahoma against the Thunder we will more than likely face them in the very near future as our fabulous Spurs go for Seis!!

You are probably asking what this has to do with floating, well, let me tell you.  Stephen Curry is a faithful and devoted to floating.  He floats at a commercial float center in San Francisco.  ESPN in December 2015 did a three minute Hang Time Segment on him and Harris Barnes.  They have regularly scheduled float appointments.  Curry claims that it allows him to just relax, visualize and recover from soreness.  The ESPN interviewer, Sam Alipour, correlates Golden States winning season to these guys possibly floating.  I tend to agree.  Floating just might give them the winning edge they need to get to the Finals.  Just think if it can do this for Stephen Curry what it can do for you!  Maybe we need to get some Spurs in our center and give them that competitive edge too!!  Enjoy the video.  PS: Curry’s wife Ayesha floats regularly as well.  And GO SPURS GO!!

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