Increase Your Creativity in a Float Room

The float room, also known as a sensory deprivation room, removes outside stimulation. The float rooms at iSofloat measure 6’ wide by 8’ long and are 7’ high. They are totally enclosed. There is no light or sound. There is only 10 inches of heated water and Epsom salt to help you float, weightlessly. While you’re in this suspended state, your brain turns inward and taps into your subconscious creativity.

How to Improve Focus

Before you head to the float room, think about the subject you are interested in. Are you thinking of writing new lyrics, creating a painting or building something? Think about the steps it takes to accomplish bringing your creativity to life.

Have Intent

Now think about what you want to create and imagine specifics. Is it big or small? Will there be a theme? Think about what your endeavor will be like once completed or what it will be used for. Intentionally having these thoughts in your head helps spur on your creativity.

Calculate Your Thoughts

Your focus and intention have been set. Now it’s time to follow your own thoughts. As your creativity ramps up, you’ll begin to think about diverse topics on your subject. Deliberately follow through with those thoughts so that your brain can process the topic and return ideas.

Go with the Flow

Let your creativity flow. Direct your thoughts to your subject and topic and let the momentum grow from one idea to another. Make sure you document what you experience!

Creativity Enhancements

The iSofloat family invites you to experience an increase in creativity for yourself in one of our float rooms. Stop by to see us on UTSA Boulevard in San Antonio or give us a call at 210-437-3314.

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