New Methods for Improving Your Lymphatic Health

We’re quite certain that many of you understand how the blood vessels in your circulatory system work to transport blood throughout your body. What we’ve found, however, is that many are still unaware of how crucially vital another system is within your body – the lymphatic system. This network of lymphatic vessels, which is also a part of the circulatory system, is fundamental in keeping your immune system strong – helping you to stay healthier longer or recover faster.

When the vessels carrying a clear fluid called lymph become blocked or sluggish, the lymphatic system has to work harder to drain and remove the waste, excess fluid, viruses and bacteria, resulting in sickness, swelling or more infections. Thankfully, there are remarkable treatments and techniques that can gently aid in increasing the drainage or restoring a healthy flow throughout the lymphatic system.



While floating has a myriad of benefits for the body and mind, from improved sleep to diminished anxiety, the effects it has on your lymphatic system are equally impressive.

During a session of floatation therapy, the weightlessness experienced encourages increased blood flow to the lymph system, resulting in a more efficient drainage of toxins and waste. Not only does this improve your energy and immune system for future protection against illnesses, but with almost 70% of the lymph vessels located just below the skin, it immediately leaves you vibrant and glowing.


Lymphatic Massage

On the other side of the spectrum, a gentle, massage may be the way to go to combat excessive swelling following a surgery or to increase the flow of your lymph fluid to strengthen your defenses.

By working with light pressure in a circular motion, skilled estheticians or therapists can help to stimulate the lymph system, moving the fluids throughout the channels and draining the pathways for long term results.

This is an ideal treatment for patients with conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or surgeries, such as breast cancer removal, due to the soft nature of the massage. Often, while the body is begging for relief, a normal massage is too aggressive and often causes more pain than help. For this reason, lymphatic massages and floats both offer relief and prolonged benefits, while staying low impact and easy on the body.


Whether you are trying to recover following a procedure, need to regain energy or are tired of fighting constant sicknesses, alternative methods are available to strengthen you from the inside out. Floatation therapy or low-impact massages are available and waiting to help boost your immune system, heal quicker and get back to feeling like you once again. Contact iSofloat today if you are ready for amazing results and improved health once again.

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