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Over Stimulation

Ringing phones, the constant “ding” of emails coming into your inbox, text messages coming multiple at a time from the group text message.  I’m not sure how many of you remember the “Ahhhh Calgon Take Me Away” commercial form 1988?  I remember it and often feel like I live it on a daily basis.  There are days I get to the point where I say “Calgon take me away!”  I easily get over stimulated and if we are honest with ourselves, most of us do but we just push it down and keep going.  Why?  We have 2 dozen gourmet cupcakes we need to make for our kids bake sale tomorrow and we still have to slug through Pinterest to find the perfect recipe!  At the end of most days, I want to throw my phone into the ocean but I can’t, I do however put it on the charger in another room around 9 pm, some days earlier than 9 pm.  Floating takes me to a quiet place where I have less anxiety, can truly relax and I’m NOT overstimulated.  It is amazing and I love the feeling.  Research has proven that floating tamps down anxiety in a way that rivals prescription drugs and meditation.  If you suffer from anxiety consider a few floats in one of our float rooms that will be opening soon.  Click the link below for an article on anxiety and floating.


flotation therapy reduces pain improves sleep

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