The Spiritual Practice of Floating

Everyone knows what the word “floating” means, but we’re not talking about how you float in the pool or how a boat floats on the lake. The floating we’re talking about goes deeper than that. Sure, there’s water, but there are other factors, too. We are talking about floating in a float room, otherwise known as a sensory deprivation chamber.

How Does It Work?

The rooms at iSofloat use Epsom salt in the water to make you float easier. The water temperature matches your skin temperature, so it’s not noticeable. Both conditions restrict your sense of touch. It is silent and pitch-black, so you can’t hear or see anything. There are no odors and nothing to taste. Your brain is not stimulated by your senses, so you go into a deep meditation.

What Are the Benefits?

Physically, people have reported rejuvenation of tired muscles and alleviation of pain from neck or joint and inflammation issues. It can be used as a form of physical therapy. It’s good for your body, but there is a spiritual practice of floating that should not go unmentioned.

Understanding the Spiritual Practice of Floating

Losing your senses gives a feeling of connection without boundaries and opens you up to spiritual possibilities. While in the iSofloat chamber, some people explore the spiritual practice of floating by working through problems or conquering fears, while their minds are open and not distracted. Your mind isn’t focused on outside stimuli. It operates closer to your sub-conscious: those thoughts and ideas that are just below the surface. iSofloat’s rooms help you tap into that by allowing you to simply focus on yourself.

The Mind Aware

Others report the stillness enhances your sensitivity and mind awareness. It creates a healing state accompanied by feelings of peace and serenity. Let your mind be unencumbered by everyday stimulation. Allow the weightless, formless, stillness to give rise to a new sense of connectivity and inner peace. Experience the spiritual practice of floating.

Try It for Yourself

At iSofloat, we believe you deserve relaxation and rest. Stop by and rejuvenate yourself. Our rooms are sanitized with filtration systems, ultra-violet light and a concentration of Epsom salt that prohibits microorganisms. Visit iSofloat at 5138 UTSA Boulevard in San Antonio, or call us at 210-437-3314. We are sure to have a package that will fit your needs. Experience the spiritual practice of floating first hand with us.

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