Too Young To float

We quite often get asked, “At what age can my child float?”  Answer: Any age.  We have some general guidelines to help our young floaters but we never say no to floating.  Our youngest floater to date has been a seven year old and she floated 45 minutes on her first float!!  We were quite impressed.  Her family noted some remarkable differences in her post float, so the benefits of floating are for ANY age!

So many kids today have anxiety and can truly benefit from float sessions.  Our son has been floating regularly since he was 14.  It is not uncommon for him to float for several hours and take a nice little salty nap while floating.  Having the personal experience of having our own child float, we have developed some general guidelines as outline below.  These are not hard and fast rules as we recognize here at iSofloat that ever child and situation is different so we tailor each session to the child’s and parent’s needs.

We have been very blessed to have a child that an early age recognized the benefits of floating and will initiate his own float session.

Don’t let your child miss out on the benefits of floating, call us so we can make an individualized float session for them.

General Guidelines:

Under the age of 10 – Parent at a minimum must sit in the float suite, outside the float room door. In some cases, the parent can be in the float room with the child, depending on the age and comfort level of both parent and child.

Age 10 to 14 – Parent can sit in the Rejuvenation Room or the Front Waiting Area if they and the child are comfortable with this, otherwise they can stay in the float suite. Please be mindful if in the Rejuvenation Room that we have other clients so no conversations or cell phone use. 

Age 14 – 18 – Parent needs to be on the premises.

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