Why Floating for Weight Loss Works

There are so many reasons why losing weight might be a priority. It could be as simple as trying to eliminate those last 10 pounds to feel fit or as complicated as losing weight in order to avoid serious health consequences. If your objective is to drop a few pounds and get healthier, you might try a fad diet or a pill that promises to deliver miraculous weight loss. Instead of jumping on the latest diet bandwagon, perhaps you should consider floating for weight loss.

What is Floating?

Floating chambers, like the ones at iSofloat, are filled with 10” of water and Epsom salt. Epsom salt is magnesium, a mineral our body needs to function, and it will also make you buoyant in water. The water is body temperature, so it doesn’t feel like you’re touching anything. Combined with no visual stimulation or noise, the iSofloat chambers were designed to shut down stimuli so your brain can turn inward to heal the body naturally.

Floating for Weight Loss

There isn’t a miraculous get-skinny-quick trick to use while floating. You use your brain’s sharpened internal reflection to visualize the results you’d like to see. Allowing your body to float in the tepid water takes pressure off of your body, resulting in a more relaxed state. Floating for weight loss gives you better control over your mind and cravings as well as a host of other benefits, like decreased pain and less pressure on your joints.

iSofloat has helped countless customers reach their goals. You can too if you join us. Stop by our San Antonio office or call us at 210-437-3314 to learn more about floating for weigh loss.

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